Zoom Classes

Welcome and thanks for your interest in our Zoom classes!

It seems gyms are not opening anytime soon. But, if you love group fitness and miss the gym and your class mates but you are not ready to be in a group outside yet-

WE HAVE THE SOLUTION FOR YOU: taking classes via Zoom!

We provide a program that gets your metabolism cranking, improves your cardio along with building muscle and making you a stronger person. At home all you need is a mat, towel, water and your own weights and we provide an effective, welcoming, motivating class environment.

All levels and abilities are welcome. Modifications are provided as needed so you can complete your session safely and effectively.

Overview of program:

  • Zoom attendees attend online with our live classes
  • Class times:(weather permitting)

Monday-Friday 7am

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday-6pm


  • For days off from the studio, optional at home works will be provide to help keep you focused
  • Classes will focus on whole body, fat burning, body weight and strength exercises
  • Workout effectively and within your own limits, regardless of your current fitness level
  • Class includes modification options so you can stay safe and avoid injury
  • Be part of our private Face book community for support from other members and trainers
  • Nutritional support and guidance
  • Limited time: Corona Virus rate $59 unlimited classes

Questions??  Need more information?