Join our Pot of Gold Challenge to help you get started on the path to making better food choices and becoming a healthier you with the support of an online community and coaches to guide you towards your goals.


This challenge is not just for those who want to lose weight, it is for anyone of any skill level who just wants to get on track and moving  We offer simple nutrition programs including Whole30, The 4 Step Plan,  assistance with Weight Watchers point tracking and My Fitness Pal tracking.   The challenge program is easy to follow by earning golden tickets in the pot. For each task complete, there is a ticket value which is tracked for the month of March. At the end of the month, your total ticket count is added to the pot and one lucky winner will get a * $50 Gift Certificate to Happy Feet in Wall and there will also be a few awesome Next Wave Fitness gear giveaways.

*Minimum of 5 participants

How you earn tickets:

  • 1 Ticket=Attend class-this can be at any gym.  You don’t need to be a member to join us. 
  • 1 Ticket=On the days not in the gym, participate in an alternate exercise for 20 minutes
  • 2 Tickets=get in 10,000 steps in a day
  • 1 Ticket=Join Guy for the Burpee Challenge-1 ticket for every 10 burpees. Full burpees or modified
  • 1 Ticket=Stay within your caloric intake or Weight Watchers points daily
  • 1 Ticket=Minimum of 64oz of water daily
  • 1 Ticket=Flip 1 meal each day for a salad w/protein
  • 1 Ticket=Weight In beginning & end and get 1 ticket for each pound lost
  • 1 Ticket=Maintain each week and not gain.

All the fine print and what you get:

  1. Simple nutrition plans

  2. Exercise assitance

  3. Individual daily calorie count needs

  4. Meal Prep Advice and Education

  5. Easy Healthy Recipes

  6. Private Facebook community to keep yourself accountable

  7. Private My Fitness Pal group for guidance on food choices

  8. Online coaches

Cost for the Pot of Gold Challenge is just $29, that is less than $1 a day. But if you join for three months you save 35% with the price at the price of $57 plus tax, that is only $19 a month. With that $19 a month, you will automatically be enrolled the monthly prize challenges and giveaways for April & May.

Join now before February 26th and get a Next Wave T-shirt!

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Pot of Gold Online Fitness Challenge


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